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Control box for Brunswick A(2) machines.

The Maximum Technology control box has the same size and mounting brackets as the Brunswick control box. Besturingskast voor Brunswick A2 machines Click on the picture to enlarge. Besturingskast voor Brunswick A2 machines

Due to the use of the latest technologies, the Maximum Technology control box makes your machines much more reliable and easier to work with. The display on the front shows the status of each switch in the machine. In case of a machine stop, you will instantly know where to look for the cause.

A data link is available to connect all the control boxes to a PC in the front desk, the mechanics room or both. If there is a machine problem, the PC will show a pop-up screen with the lane number and the reason why the machine stopped. The software can be configured to keep a logfile of all the machine stops.


A2 Display
Datalink display
For extra safety there is an emergy stop button on the front of the control box. Extra buttons can be mounted anywhere on the machine and can be easily connected to the emergency stop circuit.
Foulline Unit

The Maximum Technology foulline unit is a direct replacement for all other foulline units for AMF or Brunswick.

Because it is a preassembled unit, the installation is very simple. All outputs are protected against overload and short circuits.   Foutlijnunit
  Click on the picture to enlarge
We have designed another unit that is even better protected against vibrations. The sensor unit is separated from the switch unit, and can be put on the concrete floor under the lanes.
  Foutlijn - Fotocel Unit   Foutlijn - Schakelunit Click on the pictures to enlarge