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Maximum Technology scoring system for bowlinglanes.

MaxS scoring.

MaxS scoring can be used on automatic pinsetters or string machines. For stringmachines we use an interface to read the pinoutputs. For automatic pinsetters the system is equiped with a camera for pindetection. The MaxS camera automatically adapts to the lighting conditions in the pit area. There is no need to change camera settings for normal white light, colored light or blacklight.

32" industrial quality LCD flat panels in a specially designed steel casing.


MaxS is a very userfriendly system with easy to understand onscreen menus.

The QWERTY keypad with EL backlight is very easy to operate even when lights are low for moonlight/blacklight bowling.

All the 'advanced' features like sweep reverse on gutterball or 7-10 pin, fast strike cycle, reset after spare in 10th frame and automatic bumpercontrol are standard in every MaxS system.

Maximum Technology uses 32" LCD monitors for the MaxS scoring system. The drivingboard in our monitors is programmed to accept a wide variety of input signals that are often used in the bowling industry

This makes it possible to use our overhead monitors on many other scoring systems like Qubica, Steltronic, Scoremaster, etc. without having to invest in any other expensive hardware like lanecomputers or signal converters. It's a 1:1 replacement for your old CRT's.
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